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Dog Adoptions
Male $158.50
Female $193.50

Dog adoptions include a 5 in 1 canine vaccination, Bordatella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip for identification, sterilization and Hayward dog license (for Hayward residents only.)

Cat adoptions
Male $102.00
Female $122.00

Cat adoptions include a 5 in 1 feline vaccination, sterilization, a cardboard cat carrier, and a microchip

Rabbit Adoptions
Male or Female $50.00

Rabbit adoptions include the sterilization and cardboard carrier for transport.

  • Adopted animals cannot go home until they are sterilized. Animals are sterilized after adoption on the next available surgery date.
  • For the final adoption to occur, all members of the household, including other pets, will need to meet the potential new addition to your family.

We also have other types of animals for adoption such as hamsters, birds, and reptiles.
Adoptions begin at $20.00.

Be sure to give consideration to our many special needs animals, which due to neglect, require some extra "TLC" and commitment. These pets are anxious to find a loving home.

Adoptable Animals

Check out our adoptable

Check out our adoptable 

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 The shelter has lots of wonderful animals waiting to be adopted into new homes. Come by the Shelter to meet the animals and fill out an adoption form. We are located at 16 Barnes Court, Hayward, CA. MAP


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